Abdulsalami Abubakar Institute for Peace and Sustainable Studies (AAIPSDS) offers admission to prospective students and mid-career professionals into a number of varied programmes of study. AAIPSDS offers a unique experience for prospective students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in transforming conflicts for human security and sustainable development in Nigeria and beyond.

What do you stand to benefit from AAIPSDS programmes?

  • A unique holistic approach to learning which offers opportunity to link research with direct practice.
  • Recognize and manage conflicts at different levels among varied groups.
  • Provide insight and understanding to innovative, efficient and effective Afro-centric conflict resolution and development methodologies.
  • Identify sources of conflicts and threats to human security and develop appropriate response to mitigate such conflicts.

What are the unique facilities at AAIPSDS?

  • Conducive lecture and seminar rooms.
  • Learning resource centre with internet connectivity.
  • A quiet and serene environment.
  • Presentation of lectures and seminar through application of current state of art multi-media strategies and teaching methodologies.
  • Friendly support staff.

Why should you choose to study at AAIPSDS?

  • Its faculty is a unique blend of the academia and professionals on the field as resource persons.
  • Provides opportunities to balance theory and practice through well organized internship programme.
  • Short residencies which provides opportunities to combine personal needs, career and education.
  • Its academic board are reputable leaders in the field.

Contact us for Admission

Dr. (Mrs.) Diamond Preye Nebechukwu
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