Message from the CHAIR

In the last four decades, there has been an increase across the globe of the emergence and activities of resistance movements, armed opposition, armed bandits as well as insurgency and terrorism. The magnitude of this violence is staggering and Africa is by far the continent most affected by collective violence. The hopes and aspirations of Africans achieving sustainable rapid transformation of its political, social and economic institutions lies in the transformation of conflict that have bedeviled the continent.
Globally, there has been a search for effective strategies to prevent and mitigate violent conflicts. One of such strategies has been the establishment of think tanks as a tool for addressing the myriads of violent conflicts and developmental challenges. Think tanks play a vital role in policy circles at the local, national and global level. Their functions are unique as they provide public policy research, analysis, advice and operate independently from governments and political parties.
The establishment of the Abdulsalami Abubakar Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development Studies (AAIPSDS) is a response to the enormous challenges confronting Africa in the 21st century, .The Institute is envisioned to provide the platform and the missing links which led to state failure, violence and arms proliferation, failure of peace negotiations and lack of human security in Africa through its academic and strategic programmes. The Institute has a promising future to become a centre for excellence with the support of our partners at national, regional and international levels.
Gen. (Dr) A.A. Abubakar, GCFR, CSG
Chairman, Governing Council AAIPSDS
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