Frequently Asked

01. When was AAIPSDS Established?

It was founded in 2002 as the Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development Studies (IPSDS). However, its academic programmes became operational in 2003/2004 academic session.  The Institute was borne out of a collaboration between the Niger State College of Education, Minna, and a Continental Think-Thank and Advocacy Group, Pan-Africa Strategic and Policy Research Group (PANASTRAG).

02. Why was AAIPSDS Established?
03. What does AAIPSDS do?

AAIPSDS through its activities and programmes is dedicated to the following:

  • Informing Decision Making through roundtables, workshops, conferences and peace-building forums engages practitioners, the academia, eminent personalities, ministries/departments of government agencies, civil society organizations, individuals, traditional rulers and other non state actors to participate in dialogues and debate on issues that are critical to the transformation of conflicts and further enhance sustainable development in Nigeria and Africa at large
  • Raising awareness through public discourse on critical issues of global, regional, national and local importance provides
  • Creating evidence based knowledge through its research agenda and studies links research with policy and practice and also encourages the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach on its thematic areas of research.
  • AAIPSDS is involved in building the capacities of strategic organizations, civil society, professionals and non-professionals through occasional training programmes, short-term courses, professional and post-graduate Diploma programmes.
  • Enhancing inclusiveness and participation through its strategic programmes targeting children, youth and women by providing a platform that enhances their participation in peace-building and exercising their rights to participate in the democratic process.

AAIPSDS plays a significant role in conflict prevention directly and indirectly through its varied programmes by providing the necessary skills and knowledge in conflict mediation.

04. Who are AAIPSDS Partners?

The Institute as an independent Organization have built partnerships with different organizations over the years and is willing to build partnerships at the national, regional and international levels to fulfill its mandates.

  • Niger State College of Education, Minna
  • University of Jos, Nigeria
  • Search for Common Ground

05. What is H.E Gen. A.A Abubakar, GCFR, CSG link to AAIPSDS?

The Institute is named after Nigeria’s former Head of State, Gen A.A Abubakar, GCFR, CSG. The Institute is his contribution towards providing a platform for re-vitalizing the teaching, learning and studies of peace, conflict, peace-building education and practice in Africa. 

06. Where is AAIPSDS Located?

AAIPSDS is located in the Niger State College of Education, Minna, Niger State.



01. What Academic courses does AAIPSDS offer?

AAIPSDS academic programme comprises of the following:

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in:
    • Terrorism, Counter Terrorism and Security Studies
  • Peace, Security and Development Studies


  1. Certificate Courses in:
  • Peace and Development Studies
  • Border Management and Security
  • Private Security and Public Safety
  • Women in Peace and Security
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Emergency Management


  1. Professional Diploma in:
  • Peace and Development Studies


  1. Certificate Courses in:
  • Border Management and Security
  • Private Security and Public Safety
  • Women in Peace and Security
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Emergency Management

02. What are the Career prospects for Graduates of AAIPSDS’s Programmes?

Graduates of our programmes can gain employment in international organizations such as the United Nations, the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States. Graduates can also work in non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, research institutions, security organizations, national peace councils or in analogous institutions.

03. What are the requirements needed to enroll in any of the courses?
04. Does AAIPSDS run short-term/weekend courses?
05. What is the duration of the Course?
06. Is AAIPSDS’s Academic Course free?
07. What is the Cost of AAIPSD’s Academic courses?
08. Are Scholarship’s Available?

Unfortunately scholarships are presently not available.

10. Are fees Payable in Installments?

Payment in installments is allowed, however, AAIPSDS encourages full payment.

11. How can I apply?
12. Is a certificate of Completion awarded with each course successfully passed?


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