Advanced Course In Conflict Management

This course provides participants with an advanced knowledge and practical skills necessary for Conflict Management.

Course Overview

Africa's history as a continent is bedeviled with myriads of conflict. The situation on the continent notably in Nigeria shows that there’s instability more than ever with growing concern on social pressure and conflicts giving rise to more displaced persons. The phenomena of terrorism, banditry, militancy, cattle rustling, farmer-herder conflicts, and political, religious, and ethnic intolerance exacerbate conflicts in Nigeria. Efforts made by the government and various stakeholders toward conflict management and prevention have so far proven to be weak. Several conflicts that have plagued the country and the continent at large would have been avoided if the problem had been properly understood and dealt with before it escalated to what is being experienced in the country today. Therefore, there is an urgent need for experts who understand these issues and can apply theory to practice in the prevention and management of conflicts.
The Abdulsalami Abubakar Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development Studies is positioned to respond to the emerging challenges confronting humanity. The Institute through its programmes is set to provide the platform and connectors to the missing links which have led to state failure, violence and arms proliferation, failure of peace negotiations, and lack of human security.
The Institute designed this course for individuals interested in expanding their conflict management and peace-building skills. This course focuses on strengthening these individuals' ability to effectively respond to current and emerging challenges in peace and conflict management. This is done with the aim of applying the skills and knowledge that stakeholders have acquired in the areas of peacebuilding and conflict management in diverse communities.

Expected Learning Outcome

Training participants are expected to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the following areas:
  • Concepts and approaches to peacebuilding, conflict management, and transformation
  • Peacebuilding, conflict management, and transformation strategies
  • Complex conflict analysis and mapping abilities
  • Participate and contribute to peace advocacy
  • Conflict early warning and early response
  • Application of training related knowledge when necessary
  • Strategies for dealing with the dynamics of gender-based violence
  • Ability to support mediation and negotiation processes in complex situations


Intended Audience

This course is not only for conflict managers or those working in related fields but also for those with an interest in peace and conflict management. However, only individuals who have attended the basic course in conflict management are eligible to participate in this course. Other targeted participants are mid and senior-level professionals in the following sectors:
  • The Armed Forces
  • The Police
  • Para-Military Organizations.
  • Line Ministries, Government Organizations
  • Disaster & Humanitarian Emergencies managers
  • Private Sector Organizations are responsible for the security functions of their organization.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Development Practitioners.
  • Women Organizations.
  • Faith-Based Organizations.

Application Deadline

Sunday 26th, November, 2023

Payment Deadline

Sunday 26th, November, 2023

Course Date

27th November - 8th December, 2023

Course Fees

200,000 Naira

Early Birds (10% Discount)

180,000 Naira

Early Birds closes

Monday, 20th November, 2023

For further inquiry, please contact the following

08100091193 || 07058777951
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Teaching Methodology

This course will be delivered through lectures, seminar presentations, simulation sessions, video/movie presentations, and discussions. After each module, participants are encouraged to participate in group discussions to enhance their understanding of the course. This course will involve the use of digital tools like PowerPoint presentations and the e-library.

Course Modules

The course will be delivered on a modular basis and will comprise of eight (8) overarching modules.


The faculty is drawn from experienced professionals in the field; civil society organizations, international agencies, and academia to provide participants with apt knowledge, expertise, and skills required to effectively manage conflicts in the 21st century.


Abdulsalami Abubakar Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development Studies, David Mark Road, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria.